Transforming Prostate Cancer Risk Stratification

AI-driven Biomarker Analysis of Live Single Tumor Cell Behavior

First-in-Class Phenotypic Precision Solid Tumor Tests

Leveraging Live Cell Dynamics for Improving Oncologic Risk Assessment

Machine Vision-driven Novel Phenotypic Biomarker Tests

Introducing Cellanyx

Cellanyx is a growth stage emerging biotech advancing proprietary phenotypic (appearance and dynamics) biomarker tests based on Machine Vision and AI-driven analysis of live single tumor cells to improve risk-stratification and shared clinical decision-making for solid tumors. LDT evaluated in nearly 500 patient samples across prostate, breast, kidney, bladder and lung cancers. Learn more


Increased confidence in shared decision-making of treatment plans for multiple solid tumors including prostate, breast, kidney, bladder and lung cancers.


Augmenting Pathology with a Novel LDT (Laboratory Developed Test) based on live single tumor cell phenotypic analysis to improve risk stratification of tumor aggressiveness

Third-Party Payors

Reduction in unnecessary treatment costs associated with surgeries or radiation for low-to-intermediate grade tumors


First in class, clinically-proven, patented, scalable and portable machine-vision and AI-driven phenotypic cancer risk stratification test to improve actionability and outcomes

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